Are you royalty free?

We can be. That depends on your production and broadcast.

Is your music for sale?

Our library and catalogue music is not for sale. It is available for licensing and we offer a plethora of ways to make it easy for your production.  As always, you are expected to comply with the broadcast laws when applicable. Bespoke composition may grant the client copyrights, master rights, and other multiple income streams, turning a “budget” into an “investment.”

I need music for my Tik Tok Video, NFT, and dancing cat on Youtube?

Sorry. The Audio Stable is for media professionals only. Access is granted to professional agencies, editors, media creative, gaming programmers, music supervisors, producers, and directors only.

Is all your music copyright cleared and sample-free?

Yes. Download and Sync. This does not apply to our Pop Vault vocal catalogue.

Are you network approved?

See client list. And that’s only a partial list.

Do you do bespoke compositions?

Yes. Our roster has scored for Hollywood heavyweights to gaming titans. Ethereal to punk, classical to EDM. No lack of communication. No revision fees. No missed deadlines. No bollocks.
Credits, discographies, composer reels, and visuals, available upon request.

Do you represent composers exclusively for commercial work?

We do, but we are not accepting submissions at this time. You may send an introductory email to: ar@audiostable.com

Do you have vocal music?

Yes. We have a massive pop catalogue for all media needs located in our Library. If you’re looking for bands and artists you and your clients have heard before, visit the Pop Vault.

I’m a composer and want to submit music for your library. Can I?

Yes. You should have professional credits so we know you understand the professional world of composing. It’s diverse and specific. If you meet the criteria, send links to your best work only to: ar@audiostable.com