Known for its eclectic styling and creative mastery, The Audio Stable has untethered a string of composers of the highest caliber for your music-media needs. Innovative music paired with a nu-music-business model.

With a focus on Film, Television, Gaming, and Branding, our composer roster has scored across the board for Hollywood heavyweights such as Fox Studios and Netflix to gaming giants like Electronic Arts and SONY, to Emmy Award winning television series & theme songs to major brand commercials around the world.

THE AUDIO STABLE LIBRARY, with the most relevant sounds of today and ready for picture, is currently soundtracking over 5,000+ television shows, films, commercials, games, podcasts, trailers, and full media worldwide. From marching penguins to sword-wielding Gladiators, we’ve got your soundtrack. THE POP VAULT is home to songs and artists you know, and newly-discovered talent across all genres. Network-approved, and all with a thorough understanding of new media & modern business models that can turn your budget into an investment.

With dozens of video games under our belt, we are innovators of gaming audio strategy from inception to LiveOps. With full services including score, songs, VO, sound design, audio implementation, and world class mixing, we also offer "localization" with international audio production in multiple languages performed by native speakers and producers. We offer gratis "temping" for games and trailers as well; slip our music in during dev then decide what works. We have multiple gaming genres ready to go, then to be recreated to your bespoke specifications. The Audio Stable is in from game inception to shipment.

Our new Digital Content Music Licensing Services covering all Digital Content Audio needs from NFT Soundtracks to Instagram and Youtube, Podcasts to Facebook to Sponsored Advertising is at your service. Worldwide territories and in perpetuity. We offer the ultimate in Creative Audio Strategy, Clearance, and Sound Replacement. Music Supervision and 3rd party clearances are always included upon request.

The Audio Stable is constantly vetting and updating to the most current and sample-free soundtracks for today. Our massive catalogue is not all online. With any project, snoop around, but ultimately inquire within. 

We are also proud to administer the synchronization rights for the Xtraordinary Songs catalogue of multiple international hit songs.

This Audio Stable is fully E&O insured and owned & operated on behalf of RRMB Media LLC, registered in Los Angeles, California.